Tribute to Ray "Rags" Gillman

We the members of the USS Pyro Association have been and continue to be very fortunate to have a fellow member spending the majority of his spare time tracking down former Shipmates.

As previously noted, on his own initiative, Ray, who by the way has acquired the nick name of "Rags", commenced on a safari/type drive obtained the ships muster lists from the Navy on microfilm and armed with proper names went out searching for "lost shipmates". To date, on the net, through investigative services which involved networking all over the internet he personally contacted hundreds of former Pyro sailors. Rags has successfully found over a 300 former shipmates of the AE-24 and through his encouragement has convinced over 100 former shipmates to become full-fledged members of the Association, thus assuring future reunions a much grander and more successful events.

Now more recently, Rags has under taken the formidable task of convincing members who have fallen behind in their dues payments to make amends in bringing their dues obligation up to-date. Accomplishment of this task is essential to and for the survival and success of our Association. This indeed is an end-less never ending situation which Rags has embarked upon and requires the full support of all Association members.

So during all reunions, let us all make it a point to relay to Rags personally our most sincere thanks and may he continue to be successful in his quest.

We the membership hereby once again designate Rags as our Number One Recruiter and additionally award him a hash mark for each and every shipmate he brings back to our organization.

Thank you and Well Done, for your past, present and future personal endeavors Ray "Rags" Gillman.

Approved upon request and brought currently up to-date on behalf of all.
Bob Hauge, Past Secretary, USS Pyro Association [ 6-20-2003 ]

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