Farewell Leonard E. Rozycki

The departure of Leonard E. Rozycki 17. October 2006 & my belated knowledge of his passing weighs heavy on my shoulders as during our Navy & afterwards we were inseparable in attending USS Pyro AE-1 & AE-24 Reunions.

Rozycki or better known as Ski or Rosy, he & I were as close as brothers over a span of 65 years of friendship from Sidney to San Francisco, plus, Espiritu Santo Island liberty days. We never went ashore without one another & when we returned to the ship off Liberty all hands kept clear of us, as we were very argumentative needless to say with one another as Ski would constantly remind me that he taught me every thing I excelled at & that would light me off. We did read each other like a book & I prefer leaving that chapter out. I can picture him grinning now at my remarks.

Ski was one of the original members of the USS Pyro Association. In fact he recruited yours truly after tracing me down from Calif. To South Carolina back in 1983 for our first reunion in Dubuque, Iowa.

This was not supposed to be written as an epitaph but seeing as I missed his Funeral as his Family couldn't locate me having relocated now to Florida. Ski's departure along with Irv Palm's departure makes me wonder how come I missed their boat until I realized that being Regular Navy with the Twilight Sailor Logo my departure has been rescheduled in respect to the Reserves to go first. Wow ! I can picture Ski saying, says who?

Once again sorry, Ski words fail & sadden me in writing your farewell of which I never expected to be the one to say we miss you & always will have a place in our hearts & prayers for Leonard E. Rozycki. Farewell & pleasant calm seas for ever more..

Submitted Bob Hauge 6, October 2008

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