In Memory of:

Irvin H. Palm

Shipmates Forever

My old shipmate, "Old Irv" Palm passed away 14, Dec. 2004 in Red Oak, Iowa. Irv and I go back some 62 years commencing during WW2 on the USS Pyro AE-1. Retaining our friendship throughout the years mainly through the USS Pyro Reunions and visiting each other in our various hometowns.

Irv and I were always together at all the Reunion Associations functions. Now Irv has departed and his departure will be greatly felt and missed and it's still difficult to realize that Irv has gone.

Irv's visionary outlook and vitality far surpassed his way of life and that's what kept him going from one's normal way of life. His departure has left Verna without a soul mate with whom they shared so many close years together.

Yes, Irv's passing has left a huge void in everyone's lives with whom he related and he will remain, as always, a shipmate forever.

Farewell Irv, it looks like I will be stuck with our bar bills from now on, so shove off coxswain and take your orders from the bow hook you now have clear sailing for ever more and somewhere, somehow we'll meet again. [This is in reference to Irv as the Captain's Gig coxswain during WW2 and our everlasting remarks over the years, of whose turn is it to pay].

Shipmates Forever, Bob Hauge Dec. 15. 2004

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