In Memory of:

Richard O. (Mac) MacDonald

AE-1 Shipmate, Richard MacDonald HMC Pearl Harbor Survivor departed 12-21-04

Thus, the toll for AE-1 shipmates mounts up day-by-day, month-by-month and year-by-year. Richard was a very congenial gentleman whose lust for life was the enjoyment of attending our reunions where he could enjoy the comradeship of his fellow shipmates.

His faithful loving understanding wife, Connie, at his side also enjoyed their companionship at these events and they attended as many reunions as possible with the exception of illness, which prevented their attendance.

Moreover, I lost the Best Tango Partner I ever had the pleasure of performing the Renown Tango at our Vallejo Reunion. In case y'all forgot we had the floor to ourselves, as Richard and I two stepped to the tango. However, we both insisted on leading, so draw your own conclusions, plainly speaking "it was a riot to observe". In fact the applause was deafening as we applauded each other whole heartedly as fellow shipmates were all choked up with tears of laughter.

This wasn't meant or intended as an eulogy for Richard but past memories are ever lasting and so be it as we enjoyed our relationship as we attended the USS Pyro Reunions. Losing Shipmates from the past is somewhat difficult to cope with, but life goes on and so the living must bear their grief in silence with thoughts of yesterdays which will be cherished forever.

And so we bid Farewell to another Shipmate, Richard MacDonald, wishing him smooth sailing and pleasant waters wherever. God Bless Richard Forever with Oceans of Devotion from his shipmates of the past.

- Bob Hauge, 12-27-04

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