Joseph Lamach

R Division AE-1

Joseph Lamach served on AE-1 as a metal smith and played on the ‘famous’ R Division basketball team. In his spare time, he transformed shell casings and scrap metal into decorative objects — including a frame for the much-loved watercolor of AE-1. (see below)

His daughter, Linda, a retired Navy AZC (AW) writes of his life after the Pyro:

“After getting out of the Navy after WWII dad returned to Montana and went to work with his brothers in their auto repair shop. He later met and married my mother, Alice Sevier Lamach. He loved to tell the story of how he and some friends went into the restaurant where Mom worked in the family business. Mom walked up to him and wanted to know his name.

When he asked why, she told him she wanted to know what her name was going to be. They married and moved to Missoula, Montana, where he worked in the sheet metal field. Alice had a daughter Nancy and then they had myself and Kathy. After several years dad decided that he needed to find better fields of work and we did a lot of traveling until we finally ended up in Kennewick Washington. During that time dad worked on the dam above Libby Montana, he worked in Moses Lake, Washington on some project (he had to work as an apprentice because they wouldn't accept his previous work,) then he worked on the Nuclear Power Plants in Richland Washington where he finally retired. Dad developed Parkinson's disease which caused numerous other problems. He died at the VA Hospital in Seattle Washington two days after his 81st birthday. I still miss his wisdom and guidance. Dad never talked to much about the war, but he would pull out the box he had of coins he had collected from places he had been and show them to us. He used to tell us that he didn't really like to drink so he would be the one to make sure his buddies got back to the ship. He had made a camera and we have pictures of some of the places he was. Cameras weren't allowed on board I guess at that time.”

In 2008, Chief Linda Lamach, now a Navy civilian at NAS Fallon, NV, and her sister, Kathy Weatherly, who owns a healthcare company in West Allis, WI, decided to donate the exquisitely framed watercolor to the association in their father's memory.

Joe Lamach ‘s AE-1 shipmates Howard Iverson, Bob Mahan, Ed Stone, Bob Hauge, Joe Nalle, Joe Patsch and Murray Brown with the framed watercolor.

Watercolor of USS Pyro circa 1945

News article on back of Watercolor

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