Rudderless, we drift athwart a tempest, and
when once the storm of youth is past,
Without lyre, without lute or chorus,
Death the silent pilot comes at last.

       Oscar Wilde - "Flower of Love"

In Memory of:

James Kenneth Green

Born 08/22/42
Died 10/21/86
USN 01/14/60-08/14/63


Jim Green didn't care much for authority and people in authority didn't care much for Jim.

Jim liked to read and to write short stories, he liked poetry and often would recite poetry to people, some of whom didn't want to hear it.

Jim was my friend and I appreciated his humor and his good natured teasing which was meant in a funny and friendly way. I knew Jim from the time he and I were both 17 until I lost contact with him at the age of 24. I don't know what he did with the next 20 years of his life before he died at the age of 44. I know he had the potential to do or be anything he chose, and I hope he achieved whatever it was he wanted. I miss my friend.

Bill Brown

Jim Green was my friend and I miss him. We traveled all over the Western United States together on our liberty's together, and we loved to explore new places. I lost track of him, and have many of his letters to me. I spent many months trying to find him, including hiring a detective agency to try to help me find him. Thanks to Bill Brown's efforts, I finally learned that he had died in 1986.

May he rest in peace.

Bob Smiley

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