USS PYRO AE-1 & AE-24 Association
Constitution and By-Laws

Article -I -Name

This organization will be known as USS PYRO AE-1 & AE-24 Association and hereafter may be referred to as the "Association" and maybe identified by the initials "AE-1 & AE-24". This instrument shall be known as the Constitution and By-Laws of USS PYRO AE-1 & AE-24 Association including all alterations and amendments thereto, or hereinafter enacted.

Article -II -Amendments

The Constitution and By-Laws may be amended at an annual meeting by a two-thirds [2/3] affirmative vote of the members present and voting.

Article -III -Purpose

The purpose of the USS PYRO AE-1 & AE -24 Association is to promote and unite the fellowship of all personnel who served aboard the U.S. Navy ships named PYRO.

Article -IV -Membership & Dues

a. Regular Membership in the Association shall be available to those persons who served aboard the ships named USS Pyro while they were in the United States Naval Service and who were separated under honorable conditions. Each Regular Member shall have one vote regarding Association matters.

b. Special Membership (non-voting) in the Association shall be available to the widows or widowers of deceased former USS Pyro crewmen who would have otherwise been eligible for regular membership as described in sub-paragraph IV.a.

c. Honorary Associate Membership (non-voting) may be awarded for recognition of service rendered on behalf of the Association as selected by the Standing Committee.

d. Membership Dues of twelve dollars ($12.00) shall become due and payable on 1 January of each calendar year for each Regular and Special member.

1. For those persons eligible for and desiring Regular Membership but suffering from severely debilitating health complications and very limited financial means, forgiveness of Membership Dues, either initial or continuing, may be considered for approval by the Standing Committee on an individual case basis.

e. Life Time Membership as follows:

  • Up to age of 50 - $250.00,
  • 51 - 55 $200.00,
  • 56 - 60 $175.00,
  • 61 - 65 $150.00,
  • 66 - 70 $125.00,
  • 71 - 75 $100.00,
  • 76 - 80 $50.00,
  • 81 PLUS $25.00.

Article -V -Officers and Duties

The Association shall elect a President, First Vice-President, Second Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

a. To qualify for holding an office the member must be in good standing and must be present at the annual meeting during which he/she would be elected. No officer may be elected in absentia, without the prior written consent of such person.

b. The President shall preside over all business meetings.

c. The First Vice-President shall preside during the absence of the President and be available to assist the President. The Second Vice President shall preside during the absence of both the President and First Vice President, and shall be available to assist the President and First Vice President.

d. The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of meetings and Association records, and be the general correspondent for the Association.

e. The Treasurer shall maintain the financial records, bank accounts and make the necessary reports as required.

f. The Trustees shall annually examine the financial records of the Association and furnish a signed statement of operations and conditions as of December 31, by February 28th of the following year.

g. Standing Action Committee,

1. Consisting of the following Officers; President, Secretary and Treasurer will have the authority to act on decisions involving Association funds, reunion sites, budgets and nomination of officers for the Association. This committee will retain ultimate authority on all decisions pertaining to the Association. All financial transactions of this committee will be subjected to an annual audit by the Trustees.

2. Trustees shall consist of (3) three recent Association Presidents.

h. Upon dissolution of the Association, regardless of reason, all Association monies, securities, property and records, shall be turned over to the United States Navy Memorial, Washington, D.C.

i. No part of the net earnings of the Association shall inure to the benefit of any member, director, officer of the Association, or any private individual, except that reasonable compensation may be paid for services rendered to or for the Association, and no member, officer, trustee, or any private individual shall be entitled to share in the distribution of any of the assets on dissolution of the Association.

Article -VI -Election of Officers

The Association shall elect officers at the annual meeting with terms of office to run for a two (2) year period from the annual meeting date. An officer shall continue to serve until he/she resigns, or a successor is elected or appointed. A vacancy may be filled by a member in good standing appointed by the President and/or the Trustees to complete the term of office.

Article -VII -Meetings

The Association shall meet annually with a regular business meeting held for the membership in conjunction with the ships reunion. At the annual Meeting or reunion, a solemn service of remembrance will be held to remember those shipmates who are now deceased. The introduction or discussion of sectarian matters or partisan politics is prohibited in any Association meeting, reunion or convention, and the name, insignia emblem or records of the Association shall not be used for any sectarian, business or partisan political purpose.

Article -VIII -Committee and Appointed Positions

a. The Association President shall appoint committees for Public Relations, Nominating of Officers and/or other committees as he/she sees fit, as well as a Reunion Committee, consisting of three members including a Chairman or Coordinator, to oversee the selection of the reunion facility, and the feasibility, selection and coordination of events for the next reunion.

1. The appointed Reunion Committee shall seek and consider, although not necessarily be bound by, suggestions from the general membership concerning reunion events, activities, facilities, arrangements, etc.

b. The Association President shall also appoint a Chaplain and Master-at-Arms for his tenure of office.

Article -IX -Order of Business

1. The President shall open the meeting with a Salute and Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and request the Chaplain to render the Opening Prayer while standing.

2. The Secretary will read any obituary of members who have passed away since the last business meeting. The Chaplain will follow with a Prayer for the Dead. Note: Only if Memorial Service not performed.

3. Introduce any new members and any guests. All members will stand and give their name, rank or rating and dates served on board USS Pyro.

4. Roll call of Officers by the Secretary.

5. Any announcements as appropriate before business.

6. The Secretary shall read the minutes of the last meeting. Ask for any corrections or additions. Any discussion. Request a motion to accept the minutes. VOTE.

7. Give Treasurer's Report. Any discussions. Request a motion to accept. VOTE.

8. Secretary shall read the communications received.

9. Committee reports. Discussions. Motions. VOTE.

10. Old or unfinished business.

11. New Business. Discussions. Refer to committee or motion. VOTE.

12. Announce next business meeting.

13. Closing prayer by Chaplain.

14. Salute to the Flag.

15. Request a motion to adjourn the meeting.

[Change above to meet needs or requirements.]

Article -X -Quorum

Ten members present, in good standing, including at least two officers of the Association, shall constitute a quorum, for the transaction of business for the Association.

Article -XI -Administrative Office

The Administrative Office of the USS Pyro Association is to be located at the office of the duly elected Secretary, within 90 days after said election.

Article -XII -Ratification

This Document was adopted by the Association Membership at Charleston, South Carolina on June 19, 1993

Revision #1: Vallejo, California June 17, 1995 Changed Art. VI Office term

Revision # 2: Cedar Rapids, Iowa June 21, 1995 Changed Art. II, Art. IV, & Art. VII, all changes to annual meetings.

Revision # 3: St. Cloud, Minnesota June 9, 1999 Changed Art. V- a, Officers and Duties. Added Art V -f 1 Standing Action Committee.

Note: Vallejo, California June 9, 2000 By-laws numbering out of sequence, considered a typography error, sequence corrected, revision considered, not required.

Revision # 4: San Antonio, Texas May 19, 2001 Changed Art. V, f-1.. Deleted present members of Standing Committee and replaced with the following Association Officers; President, Secretary, and Treasurer; Art. V. f-2..Added..The Trustees shall consist of the three/recent Association Presidents; Art.V Deleted.. and three (3) Trustees; Art.IV. Added..a-1 Honorary Associate Membership (non-voting) may be awarded for recognition of service rendered on behalf of the Association as selected by the Standing Committee.

Revision # 5: Jacksonville, Florida, April 27, 2002, Changed Article IV Membership and Dues to add a Special Member and Honorary Associate Member category; and to add a hardship provision for the waiver of dues. Changed Article V Officers and Duties header to add a Second Vice President and to change the Vice President position to First Vice President; V. a. changed to remove the requirement for three year attendance at annual meetings and to add a provision that no officer may be elected in absentia without his or her written consent; to define the duties of the First and Second Vice Presidents. Changed Article VI Election of Officers to provide that the terms of office are for a two (2) year period from the annual meeting date (current officers terms were renewed for one additional year so they will be serving two years); to provide that an officer will serve until he/she resigns and/or a successor is elected or appointed; to provide that appointments may be made by the President and/or the Trustees to complete the terms of office. Changed Article VIII Committee and Appointed Positions to clarify the committee process and duties. Changed Article IX Order of Business by changing will to shall in items 1 and 6. Made additional grammatical and spelling changes as necessary.

Revision # 6: San Diego, Califorina, May 17, 2003 Added to Article IV, item e, Life Time Membership allowing membership to pay for individual Life Time Membership.

Revision # 7: New Orleans, Louisiana, March 12,2004 Added to Article IV, item f. defining member in good standing. Article VI. Clarifying the terms of office and replacement procedure should an officer be removed or leave office.

Revision # 8: Branson Mo. April 2005 Revised Article IV to reflect change in annual dues from $12.00 to $20.00.

Douglas Wisher, Secretary

This Constitution and By-Laws will be used as a rule & guide. It can be amended as per Art. II. Let us not be nitpickers, but if there is anything in the Constitution and By-Laws that needs to be changed, kindly express yourself in writing. The requested change will be brought before the membership prior to the next business meeting. This is "normal procedure".

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